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Blogging Basics, Blog Terminologies – How to Start a Free Blog, and Choose a Good Domain Name

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A weblog (the word was coined by Jorn Barger in 1997) is a log or record or collection of stuff like personal opinions, links to different websites, written and maintained in the form of a regularly updated website by any person or a group of persons. In a weblog, a person expresses his opinions, his favorite sites, even his facts, thoughts.

But this was how weblogs were understood in their initial phase (1996-97) before Peter Merholz segregated weblog into two words “We Blog” and since then they are known as blogs as the blog was the word that was accepted worldwide. But by this time blogs were no more opinions, favorite link collection of any person but represented whatever the owner of the blog liked and the blogs had content in form of the running journal where many pages would be added on top of older pages. People expressed their opinions, thoughts, ideas, and anything in their blog.

By 2003 there were lots of blogs around the world with many new blogs shining up each day. In this period around 2003-2004 blogs received a lot of attraction from bloggers, audience, and others, and keeping up to such a heavy demand top companies launched many free blogging platforms where anyone can create and manage their blog. One of the finest examples is Blogger which was acquired by Google in 2004 and till date is one of the most popular free blogging tool or platform where any can create a blog in minutes.

In this era i.e. 2003-2004 mostly people blogged about personal thoughts, musings, opinions. Some people showcased their works like paintings, writings, poems, etc. Also, some journalists started writing in blogs regarding world news happenings politics and after the web 2.0 fever caught up this world in late 2004 many people started to help other people by blogging about something they know it may be software tricks or website tricks or gadgets information or reviews they blogged anything. This is the current style of blogging where blogs provide information regarding several niches/categories to other peoples regularly.

Common Blogging Terminologies, and What do They Mean

Now let us discuss about all the common blogging terminologies, and their meanings in detail. These terms are commonly used in the blogging world, and every blogger must be aware about what these terminologies stands for.

  1. Blog Blogs are websites that contain information regarding any specific category in form of several blog posts or articles which are stored chronologically according to the date of publication in a journal format. Also currently this is a place where the latest information, latest buzz are written out.
  2. Blogging Platform This is a set of tools or scripts provided either as a service by any third-party vendor like Blogger.Com or as software like WordPress using which you can create your blog. That may be a site that allows you to create a blog under it or software which you install in your web host/servers and create n set up the blog there. Blog Management System or Blog CMS or Blogging System are nothing but different forms of blogging platform.
  3. Blogging The art of writing blog posts /articles in a blog is blogging. These are either information regarding anything or the personal thoughts of the blog author.
  4. Blogger The person who maintains a blog and who writes in a blog is a blogger. A blog can have multiple authors/bloggers with different roles.
  5. Blog Post This is an entry or an article that you publish in your blog. A blog post consists of either text written by you, links, videos, music, anything. A blog post can be a tip, a guide, a tutorial any thoughts. It can be a review of any new product you use or you like or you recommend.
  6. Comment Each of your blog posts and pages has a field of comments where any users can comment regarding the post/article, ask a question to the author of that article, or give some suggestion. This is the way where the users of the blog interact with themselves and with the authors also.
  7. Trackback When some other blogger links to any of your blog posts, then he may send a trackback to that post of yours which he linked so that readers reading your post would know what he (who linked to u) talks regarding your post because his post with title and a link will appear to below your post in form of a comment.
  8. Readers Those who read your blog posts regularly are your blog’s readers and same with those who come to your blog posts via search engines or other blogs.
  9. Subscribers & Feeds As we know blogs are nothing but a collection of articles posted regularly. Several new articles are added regularly and appear at the top of the previous article/post. But if you subscribe to the feeds of that blog, you’ll get the updated content of the blog i.e. the new blog posts/articles either emailed to your inbox or would be displayed to you in your feed aggregator software (this type of software displays the feeds to you). All those who have applied to read feeds of your blogs either in email or feed aggregator software are your blog’s subscribers or feed subscribers. they receive all your blog posts and do not need to visit your blog to read them. There are 2 main formats for feeds one is RSS which is widely used by most websites including ours and another one is atom feeds.
  10. Users They are users who registered with your blog if your blog has an option of user registration (like this blog). Many blogs like this require each commentator of the blog to be registered with them.

How to Start Your Own Blog for Free?

Blogging, blogger, how to create blog, free blog, free domain name, free hosting, blogging basics, what is blog, how to start blog, blogging tips, blogging for beginners

Yes, you can create your blog for free and the blog would belong to you but would appear as a part of that website that provides the blogging service. Mainly your blog appears as a subdomain of the website where you create it. Consider Blogger which is one of the most used free blogging site/service, it allows you to create blogs which would be named like but at any time you can purchase your domain like and associate it with your free blog at Blogger.Com.

Blogger also allows you to customize the style, design, layout of your new blog and you can insert advertisements and earn a lot too. So you earn money without investing a penny. That’s not false, as there are live examples of free blogs at these free blogging sites which get millions of page views daily.

So just sign up for a free account at Blogger and start blogging. WordPress.Com is another most used blogging website but it does not give full control over the design, looks, layouts of the blogs and we can not earn from the blog. But due to the power of WordPress provides a high-quality blogging service where many choose to blog because of simplicity, good-looking layouts, and many many features.

Many people start blogging from and after they become famous, they migrate to their web hosting. Also, blogs are more search engine friendly, and chances of your blog ranking higher on google search is maximum as SEO is auto-done by them and you can have your domain too.

Free Web Hosting

Blogging, blogger, how to create blog, free blog, free domain name, free hosting, blogging basics, what is blog, how to start blog, blogging tips, blogging for beginners

There are a lot of free web hosting either ad-supported or some completely free with WordPress support. WordPress is a free & open-source blogging software/blogging platform that can be installed in web servers or web hosts to set up a blog there. Any free web hosting service with support for PHP and MySQL can be used to have such a blog by installing WordPress there.

No need to worry even if you are new to WordPress, as every good web host nowadays has 1 click WordPress installer in their hosting panel which would install WordPress at 1 click of yours. Here even though you use free web hosting, you have complete command over your blog and you can make it look, behave like anything by doing modifications. You would be given a subdomain initially but at any time you can purchase your domain.

How to Choose an Optimal Domain Name for your New Blog

Blogging, blogger, how to create blog, free blog, free domain name, free hosting, blogging basics, what is blog, how to start blog, blogging tips, blogging for beginners, how to choose domain name

Choosing an optimal domain name is considered as one of the most important part of creating a new website or blog. Once you register a domain, it cannot be reversed and you have to stick to that domain name unless you decide to switch to a new one. Again, switching to a new domain name is not easy, as you will have to undergo the redirection process, and this would result in losing your hard earned domain authority, and also some percentage of visitors.

So you must chose a good domain name, and stick to the same name if you want to make progress. Here are the six different ways of choosing a good domain name for your new blog.

  1. Complete Keyword Based Domain Names Here the domain name consists of the keywords that your site is targeting. Suppose my site is to download online videos then the domain should be The “-” between different keywords can join the keywords and would tell search engines that you are a site on those keywords. This helps your site/blog to appear on top of search engines for those words. But the would do good as commonly people won’t type – between.
  2. Keyword In The Domain Name Here a part of your site’s targeted search keyword appears inside the domain name. Take for example our own site LifeisaBlog.Com where the “blog” keyword is a part of the domain but it does sound good. No hyphens here. The most recommended one. Targeted keywords are the search words in search engines that correspond to your site’s content and purpose.
  3. Dictionary Words Suppose the word sacrifice is in the dictionary then you may have or to blog about sacrifice. This is good to have an impact on your readers and generally, all people who would search for sacrifice would most easily reach your blog. If people want to find regarding sacrifice his first choice is This is also quite recommended for words that have some good meaning & value. Or you may make it sacrifice dictionary word and another action word like info site etc. Also, no hyphens are recommended as people in general avoid – when they visit websites.
  4. Popular Names Maybe celebrity names or other names of brands, companies, sports anything is made your blog’s domain but you would write about them only. For example for a Johnny Depp fan website JohnyDeppBlog.Com or JohnyDepp.Com is a good one. In the sports category if you want to have a blog on the F-1 race then FormulaOne.Com is best but generally great domains are already taken.
  5. Your Name Quite recommended for your blog or general all-category blog. Make your blog named
  6. Shortest Possible Domain You can use random 3 characters or 2 chars with a number and your blog would be easily remembered by others. V7n.Com is a great website and forum. Please do not use all numbers in 3 character domain.TNX.NET is a popular site. A hyphen between keywords in the domain may not sound or look good.

According to the current trend take an attractive domain that consists of a part of your website’s functions/keywords and don’t make it long and your users should be able to remember the domain name to access by typing it. Also, many short domains like V7n.Com are preferred because users remember easily. And .com domains are most preferred and .info at second for blogs.

Blogging Basics – Conclusion

According to the principle of capitalism, you need to spend some and then earn from it making profits. The free web hosting services mentioned above really sucks either by limiting your control over your blog or in any other way. Most free web hosts allow you to install WordPress 2 or 3 times and if you have done any mistakes repeatedly for 3 times, then you can’t install WordPress.

Also, they provide hosting of the least quality and your websites go offline for a long time as they provided very limited bandwidth. Just imagine how would these web hosting companies survive if they pay their server bills but get no profit. So to get loads of bandwidth, space, and high-quality hosting for your blogs choose any of the budget PHP & MySQL supported web hosting at a minimal cost. (WordPress recommends these web hosting services to run WordPress blog). Once you take hosting in these sites you would get many bonus stuff like free domain names and also you get sufficient disk space & bandwidth. You can host all your blogs/websites under the single host if it permits that.

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